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Smart Manufacturing Powered by Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Mobile devices bring a new level of convenience, productivity, and operational efficiency to the production floor, creating competitive advantages for forward-thinking manufacturers.
6 August, 2020
Smart Manufacturing Powered by Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Winmate offers an extensive suite of innovative and fully-rugged mobile devices tailored for manufacturing automation to seamlessly transform the physical space into real-time, digital intelligence.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobility solutions to improve business operations. They are continually making their processes efficient and lean with enterprise mobility solutions. As a manufacturer with over 25 years of experience, Winmate delivers rugged mobile computing solutions for modern, digitally-enabled production lines and field technicians.

According to PwC, mobility is the top technological priority for 73% of interviewed CEOs in the manufacturing industry. Mobility in manufacturing is bringing intensification across all divisions, optimizing everything from the factory floors to logistics and inventory management. Even leaders in the manufacturing sector understand the hazards of production downtime and predict that competitive benefits of improving productivity come with mobile device solutions.

Enterprises and manufacturers look to rugged mobile devices when they want to:

  • Improve data transmission within the organization
  • Bring transparency to operations from the factory floor to procurement
  • Predict the delivery time and track the step-by-step status of the shipment
  • Receive information in real-time about the production status and material supply
  • Minimize human errors through higher accuracy

Manufacturing Mobility & Smart Factory Solutions

Mobile data
collection on-the-go

The use of mobile devices equipped with built-in data collection tools – barcode scanner, RFID/ NFC reader, and smart card reader – brings transparency to operations from the factory floor to procurement.

connectivity options

Winmate rugged tablets equipped with wireless connectivity options offer field workers ultimate productivity tools, access to critical information, and real-time communication to execute work orders while at remote factory locations.


Industrial-grade rugged tablets are entirely waterproof and dustproof, featuring at least an IP65 protection rating. All the devices are compliant with MIL-STD-810G for drop, shock, and vibration resistance.

Our rugged tablets and handhelds are the perfect fit for the following applications:

Production lines automation

Production line
Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO)
Production warehousing management

Production warehouse management
M101 Series

Survives any
environment and
gets real work done

Stand up to real-world challenges with the Winmate M101 Series, fully rugged tablets designed for work in the field. Now your mobile workforces can stay connected anytime, anywhere, to complete tasks such as equipment inspection and maintenance in harsh environments. Every inch of detail in the M101 Series is engineered to optimize the efficiency of operations - data collection and real-time analysis, inventory control, and status reporting.

M101 Series
Streamline Manufacturing Inventory Management


The use of Winmate's enterprise mobility solutions leads to better management decisions, thanks to real-time information on the production status, material supply, and quality problems that can often occur throughout the manufacturing process.


Mobile Devices for Smart Manufacturing

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See how Winmate's fully-rugged mobile devices bring a new level of convenience, productivity, and operational efficiency to the production floor. A world-leading forklift manufacturer in the United States uses Winmate rugged tablets for inventory management. Increase the efficiency of production to gain profit and reduce cost with Winmate rugged mobile computers.

About Winmate

Winmate Inc. is a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments. Founded in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan, where its headquarters, research, and development facility, and production lines are located. Today, the company has offices and service centers worldwide. Winmate develops rugged industrial-grade computing solutions that advance the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT), including industrial display and panel PC, HMI, embedded systems, IoT gateways to rugged tablets and handheld devices for industries ranging from transportation and logistics to marine and military, railway, oil and gas, smart grid, healthcare, and field services. Winmate also provides professional services in customizing products and project management to create a unique solution for specific customer needs.

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