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Oil and Gas Success Stories - Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery

Refine your production with the latest technologies


An oil refinery is a factory that takes petroleum and transforms it into helpful petroleum products: fuel, lubricating and motor oils, petroleum gas, tar, and so on. Because of the lengthy and extreme nature of the process, refineries present special difficulties to electronic devices like computer systems.

Petroleum is not an easy substance to deal with. Naphtha or ligroin, which is extracted from crude oil and utilized in the production of gas, is another. Surges and fires triggered by flammable vapors are a major worry at any refinery. Electronics utilized in oil refineries therefore should be able to hold up against these chemicals, whether they be liquid, vapor, or even particle (i.e., dust). Oil refineries position various challenges to contemporary devices like computer system systems. Contact an expert at Winmate, if you're looking for such devices for your oil refinery or comparable operation. Winmate offer ATEX Zone 2 certified computers for remote data collection, process visualization and control. Safe technologies help to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency of oil refineries. Effectively control processes to lower operation costs and gain more profit.

Core products

  • 15” Stainless Display R15L600-65EX
  • DIN-Rail Box PC IBDRW100-EX

Main Challenges

  • Certification
  • Wireless signal in remote locations

Why Winmate

  • ATEX-certified standalone device
  • Built-in WWAN module
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Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Product Offering