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Success Stories
Success Stories - Access critical information with 13.3” Rugged Laptop whereever tasks brings you

Access critical information with 13.3” Rugged Laptop wherever tasks bring you


According to information gathered by the United States Fire Administration, Fire kills over 3,000 people each year in America and causes billions of dollars in damage. Firefighters must constantly monitor the situation while getting relevant information from the central command center and local fire stations directly to the fire trucks.

Attracted by Winmate's credibility as the premier supplier of rugged enterprise mobility and industry-leading services, a fire department of metropolitan areas in Northern Europe bought Winmate's rugged laptop to provide real-time info to the fire department and emergency medical services.

Core Products

  Winmate L140TG-3: 13.3" Convertible Rugged Laptop

Main Challenges

Greater Comfort

The L140TG-3 laptop is designed to make the job easier. The new 13.3-inch Full HD screen is brighter and features optical bonding technology making it sunlight readable.

Furthermore, it supports various touch screen modes, including fingertips, stylus, or gloves. Its configurable multi-touch gestures give you quick access to commonly used Windows features and functions.

Hot-Swappable Battery Design For Uninterrupted Operation In The Field

The hot-swappable dual battery provides steady power through the day-night shifts and everything in between. Minimize device downtime and interruptions, thus optimize the workflow.

Anti-glare technology for sunlight readability
Anti-glare technology for
sunlight readability

Why Winmate

  • Rugged and versatile with a sunlight-readable display
  • MIL-STD 810H and IP 65 rating defines how resistant the laptop is when subjected to a dirty/dusty environment, moisture, and water splash
  • Large 13.3" inch display with a convertible form factor
  • Easy deployment and maintenance.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Product Offering