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Success Stories
Success Stories - Reduce Cost and Streamlines Automotive Service Bay Efficiency With Rugged Laptop

Reduce Cost and Streamlines Automotive Service Bay Efficiency With Rugged Laptop


The continuous failure of the customer-grade laptops for vehicle maintenance pushes technology dealers to search for more advanced and reliable solutions. The dealer technology management recognized that using consumer-grade devices added expenses for dealerships and manufacturers to purchase replacement devices regularly and lower service technician productivity.

Moreover, due to an oversaturation of vehicle providers, customers increasingly value brand behaviors and service ahead of their products. Thus, forcing the luxury automakers and their hundreds of dealer technology organizations to step up their aftersales service game. One is by providing a better mobile computing solution to keep the service technicians connected, capture critical customer vehicle maintenance data in real-time to meet customers' service expectations, and provide proactive service.

Tools and devices used for maintenance must be carefully selected to maintain a high-quality service, dependability, and efficiency over their extensive dealership network.

Core Products

 Winmate L14TG-3: 13.3" Rugged Laptop

Main Challenges

  • Superior mobile connectivity

    The current aftersales service needs not only extensive wireless connectivity but also a faster one. It should support both vehicle-to-device data communication and real-time transmission to the corporate cloud-based vehicle feedback database.

  • The rigorous environment of the factory floor

    The workshop environment is challenging to the conventional devices – frequent drops, strong vibration, temperature swings, dust, and water splashes may damage the device. Yet, the computing solution is essential for factory automation.

  • Brand and products performance excellence

    Top-tier enterprises want to work with a highly reputable brand, which is very experienced in the industry, deliver products with high stability, outstanding performance, and complete after-sales service to save decision-making time.

Why Winmate

  • Enhanced compatibility with a vehicle system

    With almost three decades of experience in rugged computing solutions, Winmate is always committed to research and development, implementing the latest technologies, and providing customized solutions. Such as products with application-focused functionality and tailored accessories. The combination of OBD protocols and the latest Wi-Fi 6 can support communication between the device and the vehicle to send commands and receive feedback on the remote machine, faster data transmission, thus improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Quality Excellence in the automotive industry

    Winmate has won various quality excellence awards due to our commitment to provide customers with the forefront industrial-grade communication tools. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with the leading technology companies like Intel, Microsoft, and many more. Also, we work closely with various OEMs to enhance devices to meet the needs of modern-day automobile producers and vendors.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Product Offering