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Smart Charging Station Solution

Fast Charge EV Station HMI/ Fast Charge Pole display.

Smart Charging Station Solution

Safety and Standards

  • Approvals/ Marking

    - CE, FCC, C1D2, ATEX
  • Front IP65

    - Water and dustproof
  • Industrial Standard

    - Shock, vibration

Industry Challenges

Electric car sales reached a record 3 million in 2020, up 40% from 2019. This strong growth was a stark contrast to general car market sluggishness globally, with overall car sales down 16% due to the COVID-19 crisis. After a decade of rapid growth, there are now over 10 million electric cars on the road, representing ~1% of the global car stock. For 2030, the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario projects 300 million electric cars on the road and they account for over 60% of new car sales, compared with only 4.6% in 2020.

Winmate has technology know-how for the production and development of explosion-proof devices.

  • Strong vibration
    Devices are ideal for public charging, shopping centres, rental companies, vehicle fleets, company car parks, etc. are subject to strong vibrations.
  • Operating in cold environments
    Depending on the season, the outside temperature can fall to up to -40°C.
  • Unstable power supply
    Equipment deployed in the train cabin must have a solution to protect the device from an unstable power supply, power loss, or power surge.
  • Wireless communications
    Wireless technologies connect all the devices and sensors in the train.
  • Extreme operating environment
    Equipment should provide advanced system monitoring even in the most challenging conditions: potential explosive atmospheres, varying temperature, explosion to water, and rain.


Winmate, a rugged computing and embedded solutions provider for industries operating in some of the most challenging environments, is extending the portfolio of its proven industrial HMI panel PC series. Winmate’s industrial Panel PCs featuring a new Gen. Intel® processor are now available as GC Series for use in heavy-duty industrial environments, as PO Series for embedded kiosks, and as Standard Industrial Panel PC (Chassis/ Open Frame/ Front IP65 / Panel Mount) for various industrial application scenarios. All new versions are available immediately.

Winmate continues pursuing excellence and innovation in system design. To fulfill the diverse needs of customers and the EV market demand, Winmate partners with leading EV charging solution suppliers to develop IoT-based EV charging solutions with IP65 ratings that are modern, ergonomic, and customizable for outdoor environments. Besides using the high-brightness smart touch computer for a better user experience, the charging pile could fit well with all European, Japanese, and National standard EVs thus supporting precise power supply control and cut-off to avoid damages by accident caused by abnormal weather or grid.

Core Capabilities / Advantages

Waterproof Front IP65 Design

  • Winmate’s Front IP65 Series Panel PC is built for wet and dusty applications; it is rated to IP65 and supports water and dust resistance while keeping a compact and narrow bezel design, suitable for use in wet and dusty environments such as factory automation, outdoor kiosks, swimming pool and SPA kiosk, and others.

Waterproof Front IP65 Design

Panel Mount

  • Easy to connect to your equipment, this is ideal for racks and consoles requiring touch screen capability. Convenient on-screen user control for the efficiency of the operator.

Panel Mount

Low Power Consumption

  • This Panel PC is designed for low power consumption and effective heat dissipation, making it durable for long-term usage in production facilities. It is the ultimate energy-efficient solution.

Low Power Consumption

PCAP Multi-Touch Screen

  • The highly-sensitive touch screen and PCAP multi-touch support make it easy for users to key in data, rotate images, drag and drop files, and zoom in with two or more fingers.

PCAP Multi-Touch Screen

Suitable for Outdoor Kiosk Applications

  • When embedded in an enclosure, the Front IP65 Series Panel PC is suitable for use in wet and dusty industrial environments. When installed correctly, the Panel PC rated IP65 from the front side withstands rigors outdoors – water, humidity, cold, heat, sunlight, and airborne particles – making it suitable for outdoor kiosks in parking, gas stations, swimming pools, and other locations.

Suitable for Outdoor Kiosk Applications

Winmate EV charging solution with high-brightness smart touch computer

  • Since electric vehicles are moving from niche to mainstream, Winmate are also developing the EV charger. Our first model will be the Level 2 AC charger. Based on the input voltage, the output Max. Power can be defined as 7kW to 21kW. Typical charging time for a Level 2 AC charger is around 2-4 hours to full (by the residual power). This charging time shall be suitable for the application of automobile service station.
  • Another advantage of our products are combined with software APP and user interface (HMI). Our 10.1” 1280 x 800 resolution with P-Cap multi-touch screen can be developed for your specific interactive charging management system. Nameplate and Industrial Design also can be customized.

Winmate EV charging solution with high-brightness smart touch computer

Understanding Human-Machine Interaction (HMI)

Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) refers to the field of study and practice that focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of interfaces between humans and machines. It encompasses various technologies and methodologies aimed at facilitating efficient and intuitive interaction between humans and computer systems. HMI plays a crucial role in enabling seamless communication, control, and collaboration between individuals and machines across a wide range of applications and industries. In this article, we will explore the concept of HMI in detail, its importance, and its applications in different domains.

Evolution of HMI

The concept of HMI has evolved significantly over the years, driven by advancements in technology and the need for more user-friendly interfaces. In the early days of computing, interactions with machines were primarily through punch cards and command-line interfaces, which were complex and required specialized knowledge. However, with the advent of graphical user interfaces (GUIs), HMI took a major leap forward, making computers more accessible to a broader range of users. GUIs introduced visual elements, icons, menus, and windows, enabling users to interact with machines through familiar metaphors and intuitive interactions.

Importance of HMI

HMI plays a vital role in ensuring effective communication and collaboration between humans and machines. It aims to reduce the cognitive load on users, enhance usability, and improve overall user experience. Here are some key reasons why HMI is crucial:

  1. User-Friendly Interfaces:
    HMI focuses on designing interfaces that are intuitive, easy to learn, and navigate. By considering user needs, preferences, and mental models, HMI professionals create interfaces that enable users to interact with machines effortlessly.
  2. Efficiency and Productivity:
    Well-designed HMIs can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity by streamlining complex tasks, automating repetitive actions, and providing relevant information in a clear and concise manner. By minimizing cognitive effort and reducing errors, HMIs help users perform tasks more effectively and with fewer obstacles.
  3. Safety and Reliability:
    In critical domains such as aviation, healthcare, and manufacturing, HMI plays a vital role in ensuring safety and reliability. Clear and intuitive interfaces, along with effective feedback mechanisms, help users make informed decisions and respond promptly to critical situations.
  4. Accessibility and Inclusivity:
    HMI considers the diverse needs of users, including those with disabilities or special requirements. By incorporating accessibility features such as screen readers, voice recognition, and adaptive interfaces, HMIs promote inclusivity and provide equal access to technology for all users.

Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) plays a vital role in bridging the gap between humans and machines, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. Through user-friendly interfaces, efficient workflows, and thoughtful design, HMI enhances usability, productivity, and user satisfaction across various domains. As technology continues to advance, the importance of HMI will only grow, as it becomes increasingly critical to ensure that machines are accessible, intuitive, and adaptable to human needs. By prioritizing HMI in the design and development of interfaces, we can create a future where humans and machines interact effortlessly, leading to improved experiences and increased efficiency in our daily lives.

G-WIN GC Series HMI Panel PC

The GC Series version is specifically designed for heavy-duty applications for those looking for rugged construction. The rear cover is made from aluminum and features IP65 water and dust protection, suitable for industrial applications and machine control. The display comes with PCAP touchscreen. The displays are available in display sizes of 21.5 and 23.8 inches.

PO Series HMI Panel PC

The PO Series HMI Panel PC offers an ultimate touch experience with a projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch screen in an open frame housing suitable for embedded applications. The displays are available in display sizes of 15, 17, 18.5, 19, 21.5, and 23.8 inches.

Standard Industrial Panel PC (15” and up)
Chassis/ Open Frame/ Front IP65 / Panel Mount

Standard Industrial Panel PC comes in different mechanical design options – chassis, open frame, front IP65, and panel mount – with a screen size ranging from 15-inches and up. The display features PCAP touchscreen for intuitive on-screen operations.

Technical details about the new HMI Panel PCs

Winmate’s industrial HMI Panel PC product family utilizes a new Gen. Intel® processor for a fantastic multi-core performance. They feature 4 GB DDR4 2400 MHz system memory by default (options up to 16 GB) and flexible storage devices 64 GB M.2 2242 M-key SSD (options up to 512 GB). Expansions available M.2 2242/2280 slot for NVME SSD or SATA III SSD, M.2 2232 E-Key slot for half-size WiFi module, and one PCIe 3.0 (x16) slot.

Winmate’s HMI Panel PC feature a variety of connections: two Giga LAN RJ45 ports, four 4 x USB 3.2 Gen.1 (Type-A) ports, one RS232, and one RS-232/422/485 serial communication port. For video transmission the panel PCs feature one DP1.2, optional HDMI1.4 is available. Specific models available for most industrial and commercial applications. Support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Linux Ubuntu 18.04 operating system. For secure cloud connectivity, a TPM 2.0 Security Chip is integrated.

7KW and 21KW Power Output with IoT-Based EV Charging Solution

The Winmate IoT-based EV charging systems uses Winmate best seller 10.1 inch EL series HMI, powered by ARM A53 Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU platform. The smart touch computer runs on Linux Yocto or Android 11 (upgradeable to Android 13), and Linux Ubuntu will be available in 2023. Those provide high computing performance with low power consumption and flexibility, which is suitable for various utilities and applications. The EV charging solutions with high-brightness smart touch computer support multiple ports for integrating additional devices. The inclusion of network connectivity allows real-time data, such as charge completion times and charging bay availability, to be streamed to a centralized command center for monitoring EV charger metrics.

Get a Free Smart Charging Station Solution Consultation

Whatever your goals, Winmate is here to help. If your focus is increasing the speed of service, improving your bottom line, expanding through new channels, adding locations, exploring franchising, or maximizing customer loyalty. Winmate provides the total solution for information display and computing for railway transportation. Winmate offers various sizes and a full array of mounting options for limited installation space in trains in the control room. Our are ideal for public charging, shopping centres, rental companies, vehicle fleets, company car parks, etc.. Please speak to one of our experts to explore the hardware that would best help you achieve your goals.