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The future is here with Winmate's intelligent edge computing Box PCs, which are durable, highly scalable, and suitable for extreme environments. They come in various sizes to match any application, so whether it's transportation, automation control, food processing, or industrial manufacturing, these versatile Box PCs have been engineered to handle them all.


Series in this Box PC (8)

M Series Box PC

Winmate M Series Box PC offers a powerful, versatile, and cost-effective solution for dynamic industrial needs. The system design allows upgrading the memory, replacing the hard disk, or modifying the display size. Winmate M Series Box PC is a flexible and customizable solution that empowers TCO applications, and quick recovery of failure is important.
M Series Box PC | Winmate

Fanless Box PC

Designed for industrial and embedded applications, Winmate's Box PC features an efficient thermal solution and powerful processing onboard. Flexible storage and expansion possibilities.
Fanless Box PC | Winmate

Standard Box PC

Compact and powerful Winmate's Standard Box PC suits most industrial and commercial applications, such as controller and thin clients.
Standard Box PC | Winmate

Full IP65 EAC Box PC

Waterproof and dust-proof, Winmate's EAC BOX PC has an IP65 ingress protection rating to withstand harsh environments. It is the ultimate choice for industrial applications.
Full IP65 EAC Box PC | Winmate


ARM Box PC is an embedded system that supports Android operating system that opens possibilities for customization and software development.
ARM Box PC | Winmate

DIN Rail Box PC

Winmate DIN Rail Box PC is a compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT, automation, and machine-to-machine applications. The powerful processing combined with extensive and flexible I/O for legacy connection. Supports a DIN (Deutsche Industries Norm) rail mount installation.
DIN Rail Box PC | Winmate

EAC Mini Box PC

Winmate's EAC Mini is an advanced embedded system that offers highly versatile and intelligent solutions to support a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, smart transportation, facility management, and full Internet of Things (IoT) integration. With superior Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity and support for Fieldbus interface, Winmate's IoT gateway platforms provide secure and scalable computing to enable seamless edge-to-cloud connection, data aggregation, filtering, and data transmission from the edge to the cloud with confidence. The latest addition to the EAC Mini box PC lineup is the compact, arm-based EACFA20, which features a low-power-consuming Freescale Arm Cortex-A9 i.MX6 processor and operating system support for Android / Linux. As the industrial sector is moving towards connected devices, IoT gateways are crucial to connecting this cloud-based ecosystem by bridging the gap between data sent from sensors/devices to cloud servers. Designed as a variant of the modular EAC mini box PC, the EACFA20 is built to meet the needs of those who value performance, without compromising on quality. The EACFA20 offers more than a dozen expansion possibilities with its expansion modules, providing abundant options for additional serial interfaces such as CANBUS and digital I/O, or wireless connectivity options with 4G LTE. The wireless connectivity and necessary connectors allow the EACFA20 to send data directly from manufacturing facilities to cloud servers, making it suitable for various IoT applications like smart factories or machine automation. By using the EACFA20, organizations can improve operational efficiencies and increase productivity. Winmate's EAC Mini Box PC is an advanced computing platform that offers secure and scalable computing solutions to support a wide range of applications. With its advanced features, including superior Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, support for Fieldbus interface, and expansion modules, the EACFA20 EAC mini box PC is an ideal solution for organizations looking for a versatile and reliable system to support their IoT applications.
EAC Mini Box PC | Winmate

AI Edge Computing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have ushered in a transformative era, collectively shaping the landscape of industries and paving the way for the dynamic field of AIoT. AIoT represents a synergistic fusion, where the analytical power of AI meets the vast connectivity of IoT devices, unlocking unprecedented opportunities across diverse sectors. Winmate's AI Edge Computing stands at the forefront of this technological evolution, poised to redefine industry standards. Powered by high-computing processors, it embodies the next generation of computing capabilities. Its ability to work seamlessly with advanced GPUs enhances its potential, allowing for improved AI-assisted defect inspection, optimal performance in machine learning, and visually immersive experiences. Winmate is committed to revolutionizing the AIoT landscape with its AI Edge Computing. Through seamless cloud integration, this system facilitates collaborative learning, enabling shared data and insights among connected devices. The result is a scalable, adaptable, and efficient solution addressing the evolving needs of diverse industries, from manufacturing and healthcare to smart cities. As a pivotal player, Winmate's AI Edge Computing bridges the gap between powerful computing, intelligent analytics, and seamless connectivity, setting new benchmarks for enhanced efficiency, predictive insights, and transformative experiences in the AIoT industry. 
AI Edge Computing | Winmate