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FA30 NXP i.MX6 Dual Core ARM Embedded Board


  • 3.5" Form Factor (146mm x 101mm)
  • NXP i.MX6 Dual Core 1GHz
  • Upgradeable to Quad Core or 2GB RAM (Optional)
  • Android 6.0 , Linux 4.1.15 QT 5.5 (Optional), Ubuntu 16.04 (Optional)
  • 1 x micro SD/SDHC Card Slot
  • Built-in 16GB eMMC
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Support (Optional)
  • 1 x Micro-HDMI Output
  • FCC CE

FA30New Design

NXP i.MX6 Dual Core ARM Embedded Board
Winmate ARM Embedded Board FA30 with Cortex A9

Cortex a9

The Cortex a9 development boards processor features a dual-issue, partially out-of-order pipeline and a flexible system architecture with configurable caches and system coherency using the ACP port. This embedded system with ARM-based boards comes with a working Linux installed and ready to use upon delivery. The arm-based board Cortex a9 processor achieves a better than 50% performance over the Cortex-A8 processor in a single-core configuration. This category also contains SD cards with Linux images that can be run on specific boards.

Most Recent CPU, Trustworthy layout, flexible I/O, very expanding, IoT-based architecture. Supply all styles fanless inserted PC & vehicle pc. Premium quality & Excellent cost. Total Ecosystem Partner. Artificial Intelligence Advantage Processing Focused. Leading IPC Producer. Broad Product Collection. Features: Complete Collection Of Varied Fanless Installed Pcs, Giving Large Variety Of Growth Alternatives.

Winmate ARM Embedded Board FA30 with Compact Form Factor

Fully integrated small-sized single-board computer

Space limitation is one of the constraints commonly seen in today's industrial environment. Winmate ARM series SBC series provides a palm-sized design to meet the space requirement and comes with adequate necessary I/O interfaces for gigabit ethernet various applications.

Designed to improve industrial computerization methods, including factory control and item lifecycle monitoring, all ingrained box Personal computers are dependable, flexible, and low-maintenance, and are the excellent choice for equipment sight architecture. PROCESSOR, DRAM, and mini cards are easily accessible and installable, and also each embedded package PC provides a large variety of development options.

Winmate ARM Embedded Board FA30 with Fanless Design

Fanless Design

Winmate IPC's Linux-based embedded single board computer (SBC) series with a wide range of powerful, high performance, compact, and flexible options in various form factors also offer different thermal solutions, from quiet, fanless design. Engineered for longevity and resilience, the BOX PCs are durable, highly scalable, and applicable for extreme environments such as factories and feature a user-friendly and highly flexible interface. Supplies a full line of assorted fanless embedded pcs of all dimensions to settle applications in transit, home entertainment, environmental and commercial center surveillance, biometrics, commercial manufacturing, food items production hands-free operation management, and surveillance control, building computerization, and also other appropriate IPC places.

Winmate ARM Embedded Board FA30 with LVDS Support

LVDS Support

Winmate ARM Series SBC support LVDS, interface up to 1366x768; LVDS is a physical layer specification only; many data communication standards and applications use it and add a data link layer as defined in the OSI model on top of it.

Low-voltage differential signaling, or even LVDS, also referred to as TIA/EIA -644, is a technical specification that specifies power characteristics of a differential, serial signaling specification. Yet, it is certainly not a method. LVDS functions at low power and can go for relatively high rates using economical twisted-pair copper cords. LVDS is a bodily coating standard; a lot of records communication requirements and applications use it and incorporate a data link coating as determined in the OSI version on best of it.

System Specification


NXP i.MX6 Dual Core, 1.0GHz


1GB 2GB (Optional)


eMMC: Onboard 16 GB eMMC: Onboard 32 GB (Optional)

Operating System

Linux Ubuntu 18.04 (Optional) Android 6.0 (Optional) Debian 7.0 (Optional) Linux 4.1.15 QT 5.5 (Optional)


Support (Optional)


Support (Optional)

IO Ports

USB Port

1 x Console Port (Mini USB) 1 x USB OTG (Micro USB) 1 x USB2.0 (Type-A)

Serial Port

1 x RS232/422/485 (Default RS232)


1 x LAN RJ45 Connector with PoE(PD, 802.3 at)


1 x Micro HDMI (Optional)

SD Card Slot

1 x Micro SD card slot


1 x CANBUS, D-sub9

Power Input

1 x 12V DC, 2-Pin Terminal Block

Internal IO Ports

Power output

1 x 2pin(1x2) blue wafer for 3.3V DC out 1 x 2pin(1x2) red wafer for 5V DC out 1 x 2pin(1x2) yellow wafer for 12V DC out


5 x 4pin(1x4) for USB 2.0


2 x 8pin(1x8) for UART 1 x 6pin(1x6) for debug


1 x 40pin DF13 connector for LVDS


1 x 7pin(1x7) for panel backlight 1 x 2pin(1x2) for backlight


1 x 10pin(2x5) for Digital input/output


1 x 3pin(1x3) for Backlight control VR


2 x 2pin(1x2) for Speaker

Backup battery

1 x 2pin(1x2) for RTC battery


1 x 2pin(1x2) for Microphone


1 x 4pin(1x4) for Reset


1 x 4pin(1x4) for CAN2


1 x 12pin FPC connector for NFC 1 x 10pin FPC connector for Touch






146 x 102 mm


Operating Humidity

30% to 90% RH, Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature

-20°C to 60°C

Storage Temperature

-25°C to 65°C


Power Rating

12V DC


12V 50W


PoE (PD): follows IEEE 802.3at (25 W)


SATA Signal

SATA Signal

Model Name: MBK-SATA20

Part Number: 94H007Z070K0

  • Quantity: 1

Comport Cable

Comport Cable

Model Name: MBK-D9M180

Part Number: 94G309E100E1

  • Quantity :1 (For 3.5" Embedded Board)
  • Quantity :2 (For Mini-ITX Embedded Board)

USB Cable

USB Cable

Model Name: MBK-USBTA25

Part Number: 94E808E080K0

  • Quantity: 1

SATA Power

SATA Power

Model Name: MBK-SATA15P

Part Number: 94HE08Z150E0

  • Quantity: 1