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Code 3416 Industry Computer and Peripheral Equipment
Company Name Winmate Inc. Telephone (02)8511-0288
Address 9F, No. 111-6, Singde Rd.,Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C.
Chairman Ken Lu General Manager Allan Lin
Spokesman Eddie Liu Title of Spokesman Accounting officer
Deputy Spokesperson Jeffrey Yen Spokesman Telephone (02)8511-0288 #620
Main Business Rugged Mobile Computer, Rugged Display, Other
Date of Incorporation 1996/01/23 Unified Business No. 96930209
Paid-in capital NT$ 725,059,470 Date of Listing 2015/01/23
Date of OTC 2007/09/27 Date of Emerging 2005/01/12
Date of Public Offering 2004/06/29 Par value of common stock NT$ 10.0000
Issued Shares 72,505,947 Shares (Including private placement 12,000,000 Shares) Preferred stock 0 Shares
Stock Transfer Agent Capital Securities Corporation Telephone (02)2702-3999
Accounting Firm Ernst & Young Accounting Firm Telephone (03)319-8888
Symbol Winmate
Investor Email Address
Fax (02)8511-1108
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Articles of Incorporation

Operation Management

Operation Team

Operation Team

Main Management Team

Job Title Name Major Education Main Responsibilities
Chairman & CEO Ken Lu MBA, Melbourne University, Australia
Business Administration, National Taiwan University
  • Policy and business policy assessment, implementation.
  • Research and development of new products and commercialization projects.
  • Technical advice and research and development matters such as the integration of resources for research and development cooperation at home and abroad.
General Manager Allan lin MBA, Thunderbird University, USA
Business Administration, National Taiwan University
  • Market demand exploration and product creativity, positioning and conception to implementing marketing strategies.
  • Integrate resources and coordinate the needs of both research and marketing.
  • Participate in Board meetings and report on business strategy and performance.
Vice President of Sales Division Kevin Yeh Master of Computer Science, State University of N.Y., USA
  • Develop the company's annual business objectives and plans.
  • Responsible for all kinds of product sales, promotion and implementation.
  • Responsible for business gathering and market development, analysis and forecasting.
Vice President of General Administration Division Jeffrey Yen Business Administration, National Taiwan University
  • Human resources and other general services.
  • The safe operation of electronic information, software and network-related systems.
  • Fund scheduling, financial planning and stock-related operations.
Senior Director of the Manufacturing Division Shelly Chen EMBA, National Taipei University of Technology
  • Operational materials operations and other matters, procurement, material management and production scheduling.
  • Matters relating to production operations, including production management, production line operations and maintenance.
Accounting Officer Eddie Liu MBA, National Taiwan University
  • Control the corporate budget, establish accounting systems, prepare financial statements, and manage financial investments and tax planning.
  • Prepare and analyze the company’s domestic and global financial statements.

Main Business Departments

Department Main duties
General Manager's Office Adheres to the orders of the general manager and is responsible for the company's policy and management policy evaluation, planning and system formulation, and other related matters.
Auditing Office Responsible for investigating and evaluating the soundness, rationality, effectiveness, implementation, and performance of internal controls for various departments.
Occupational Safety Office Responsible for the formulation, promotion, and implementation of a safe working environment and occupational health and safety systems for all employees.
Quality Assurance Department quality assurance, quality control, product customer complaints, and after-sales service, etc.
General Administration Division
  1. Finance Department: responsible for cash management, financial planning, cost analysis, treasury, accounting transactions, and shares transaction processing business operations.
  2. Management Department: Responsible for human resources, employee welfare, health check, education and training, and general affairs.
  3. Information Department: responsible for the operation of electronic data, software, and network-related system security.
Manufacturing Division Responsible for operational material logistics and related production operations.
Sales Division Responsible for a multitude of product sales, market development, analysis and forecasting, business information collection, credit investigation, etc.
Product & Marketing Division
  1. Responsible for market demand exploration, product creativity, positioning conception and integration of resources, coordinating the needs of research and sales parties, and finalizing the product.
  2. Responsible for the production of product packaging, image and advertising, and the collection, analysis, and feedback of market information, and grasp the market dynamics.
R & D Division responsible for the R&D and commercialization of new products, including technical consultation and research and development of hardware, software, firmware, engineering, institutions, etc.
R & D Center
  1. Special project R&D research, responsible for plan integration and plan management.
  2. R&D cooperation research, serving as a resource integration center for domestic and foreign R&D cooperation.
  3. Intellectual financial planning and related matters.
Beijing Winmate Automation Technology Co. Ltd. Responsible for market development, sales, promotion, and execution of various products in China.
TTX Canada Inc. Responsible for market development, sales, promotion, and execution of various products in Canada.
Winmate Communication US Inc. Responsible for market development, sales, promotion, and execution of various products in North America.