Industrial Display

Flat Stainless P-CAP IP65 Display
Flat Stainless P-CAP IP65 Display Flat Stainless Displays sealed with IP65 and are protected against water splash and outer dust. The P-CAP touch supports rain/ glove mode for use in different environments.
M-Series Display
M-Series Display TTX offers a powerful, versatile and cost-effective solution for dynamic industrial needs. The system design allows promptly modifying the display size or scaler box.
Full IP67 Display
Full IP67 Display TTX IP67 model came with Aluminum and Stainless housing with four special, waterproof ports that required screw-on adapter cables to provide external connectivity.
P-Cap Panel Mount LCD IP65(Front)
P-Cap Panel Mount LCD IP65(Front) TTX P-Cap LCD is a multi-touch solution with a high degree of accuracy, crystal clear resolution and exquisite design with IP65.
High Brightness LCD Kits
High Brightness LCD Kits TTX display product series are going to be used in outdoor environments; this means the display must be viewable in daylight. TTX LCD high brightness kits come with various sizes of industrial grade display which is verified to work with all TTX embedded boards and systems